Mini-Sanatorium salt inhaler

Thanks to the original salt inhaler, the Mini-Sanatorium1 salt therapy device, you can easily enjoy the benefits of salt therapy even at home, independently from age and sex!

The Hegyi & Kiss Mini-Sanatorium 1 is the only salt inhaler, which alleviates the allergic and asthmatic symptoms caused by respiratory diseases in a proven way! Using the original salt inhaler, you can effectively get rid of the symptoms caused by ragweed as well.

Mini Szanatórium1 sóinhalátor, sóterápiás készülék, légúti sóinhalátor

Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler, salt therapy device, respiratory salt inhaler

In case of working or relaxing, the Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler can always be on hand, and effective for 4 years!
Defeat the the symptoms caused by respiratory diseases, get rid of asthma and allergy!

Why shall you choose Mini-Sanatorium1 salt therapy device? Because it is proven effective and helps alleviating the excruciating symptoms caused by asthma and allergy! Try our Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler, we guarantee you will not regret it!

Please take some minutes to read through this short brochure and meet the only salt inhaler device, which has got medical opinion about alleviating respiratory diseases (asthma, allergy, krupp, bronchitis)!

Mini Szanatórium1 sóinhalátor készülék, légúti betegségek (asztma,allergia,krupp,hörghurut) enyhítése

Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler device, for alleviating respiratory diseases (asthma, allergy, krupp, bronchitis)

You are reading the brochure of the salt inhaler device unique in the world, whose original also got the Genius award at the Exhibition of Inventions held in Budapest, 2002 according to the the international jury. The Mini-Sanatorium salt inhaler is the unique invention of a Hungarian inventer, Lukács Kiss. Date of patent: 1998. It has won gold medal in healthcare category four times and also MedOSCAR AWARD in Switzerland. The salt inhaler device uses the experiences of cave therapy looking back for centuries. Because of the compositions of air, serious allergic and asthmatic diseases can be effectively treated there.

In the ceramic socket of the Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler, a special NaCl compound can be found, whose molecules reaching the breathing surfaces can resolve the sediments causing suffocation symptoms. It heals the irritated mucosal surfaces at the same time. Therefore the salt inhaler device can be effectively used for alleviating the symptoms of hay fever, respiratory allergy, bronchitis and asthma.

The Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler DOES NOT NEED TO REFILL! It contains active ingredients enough for 4 years! The use of salt therapy does not depend on location, time and energy sources. The Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler device contains only natural materials, has no side effects, and can be used together with medicines prescripted for other diseases as well.

Using the devicelegzes:

Depending on the seriousness of the disease, it is recommended to use for 20 days (including breaks and pauses). The daily use, which can start from even some minutes per occasion, shall totally end up in 1-4 hours per day!
This time can be reduced then. Systematic use of it is recommended every day (10-30 minutes with even shorter breaks). The air inhaled through the device orally in a natural way of breathing (unforced inhalation) shall be let out through the nose, even narrowing the blowhole in order to let it enter to the upper respiratory areas as well. The working capability of the device is negatively affected by fluids. In humid places, sometimes shake the device. But in dry places, sometimes blow back the air into the device orally, increasing the humidity this way.

Recurring motives in the letters among those, who already use the device:

A feltaláló: Kiss Lukács

The inventor: Lukács Kiss

  • Alleviation of harmful symptoms of smoking, permanent symptom relief
  • Reducing the use of medicines and sprays to minimum
  • Better general being
  • Calm sleeping, reduced snore
  • Increase of physical performance
  • Increase of vital capacity
  • Alleviation of animal allergy and suffocation symptoms
  • Alleviation of flower allergy and irritation
  • Alleviation of asthmatic symptoms
  • Alleviation of krupp and bronchitis
  • Alleviation of any kind of respiratory diseases

We hope you can reach a healthy, better quality of life with the help of our salt inhaler device.
By using forgeries you might even cause harms in your body!

Consumer price of Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler and salt therapy device:
17,7 €/unit
+ delivery cost (consumer price)
12,6 GBP/unit + delivery cost (consumer price)
Reseller price according to personal talking! Delivery time may change upon the stock.

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On request, Mini-Sanatorium 1 salt inhaler and salt therapy device can be ordered with any kind of company logos, crests and photos burnt in!

Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler on TV!
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