Pediatric salt inhaler, pediatric salt therapy

parlagfu-allergia-miniszanatorium-soinhalator-gyerekeknekWho would not like his or her children stop suffering from the harmful symptoms of allergy and asthma?!

The solution for pediatric salt therapy is the Mini-Sanatorium1 pediatric salt inhaler and salt therapy device.
We developed our salt inhaler further in order to get it used by children without any worries.
It is important to know, that diseases prevented right in the early stage play a great role in the further development of children.soinhalator-gyerekeknek

No wonder, because we are living in an air-polluted world, and with a little attention you can stop and alleviate the respiratory diseases of your children.

The Mini-Sanatorium1 dry salt inhaler is really effective to prevent and alleviate respiratory diseases.
Thanks to the composition of the salt inhaler your children can effectively get rid of the harmful effects caused by respiratory asthma and allergy, krupp and bronchitis.

We take the attention of the expectant mothers, that Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler should not mentioned together with other similar products!
Experience the effectiveness of the salt inhaler and give it a try!
We have got several feedbacks from pulmonology sanatoriums and private people, which confirmed those facts, which we also handle over the customers asking about our products, that here is a Hungarian patented invention, which effectively alleviates the harmful symptoms caused by respiratory diseases!

Mini-Sanatorium is the unique invention of a Hungarian inventer, Lukács Kiss.
Date of patent: 1998.
It has won gold medal in healthcare category four times and also MedOSCAR AWARD in Switzerland.

* Why shall you choose the Mini-Sanatorium1 device?
Because it is proven effective and helps alleviating the excruciating symptoms caused by asthma and allergy! Try our Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler also suitable for children, we guarantee you will not regret it! Meet the only salt inhaler device, which has got medical opinion regarding alleviating respiratory diseases!
The salt inhaler device uses the experiences of cave therapy looking back for centuries. Because of the compositions of air, serious allergic and asthmatic diseases can be effectively treated there.

In the ceramic socket of the Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler a special  NaCl  compound can be found, whose molecules reaching the breathing surfaces can resolve the sediments causing suffocation symptoms. It heals the irritated mucosal surfaces at the same time. Therefore the salt inhaler device can be effectively used for alleviating the symptoms of hay fever, respiratory allergy, bronchitis and asthma.
We hope you can reach a healthy, better quality of life with the help of our salt inhaler device.
Using forgeries you might even cause harms in your body!

Consumer price of Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler and salt therapy device:
17,7 €/unit
+ delivery cost (consumer price)
12,6 GBP/unit + delivery cost (consumer price)
Reseller price according to personal talking!
Delivery time may change upon the stock.

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