The symptoms of allergy, its treatment and alleviation

Allergy is the enemy of our immune system in the whole year.
It is important to alleviate the symptoms caused by the respiratory allergy.

(Upper) respiratory diseases are caused by allergens, pollens and home dust mites in most cases.
Hypersensitivity is a medical condition, when the disease is caused by such external stimuli, which have no effects on others. Respiratory allergy may affect the whole bronchial system (this case is called allergic asthma), or it causes rhinitis, and occurs as allergic rhinitis (hay fever).

The reasons of respiratory allergy can also be smoking or bad – polluted air.
After performing an allergy test, it is recommended to start treating allergy right in the early stage.
Thanks to our Mini-Sanatorium1 respiratory allergy – salt inhaler, diseases caused by respiratory allergy can be effectively alleviated.
It does not make a different, if you start to use it already in the early stage or only in the medical stage,
Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler will effectively alleviate your symptoms and your way of life may also get better.

Order and try our Mini-Sanatorium1 respiratory allergy salt inhaler and you will not regret it!

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