Upper respiratory diseases

In winter one type of upper respiratory diseases (cold) are caused by flu,
while in summer upper respiratory diseases are caused by air-conditioal systems and pollen allergy.

All respiratory diseases can be avoided, with proper help.
We have to defend ourselves from pollens both in winter and summer.
In summer the most recents are the ragweed, plantain, and other flowers causing allergy, and the asthmatic symptoms as well.
Many would think they were not affected by allergy and did not suffer from asthmatic diseases, although
the reasons of this upper respiratory disease are always some kind of pollens, which our ody reacts on.
We can blame the air-conditional devices too, that we use it in an improper way and thats why we get cold, although
in most cases when we suspect air-conditional device, then also the maintanence of the air-conditional device performed in an incorrect way
can provide allergy and asthma.
Perform an allergy test in all cases, to find out, what are the reasons of the allergy.

Thanks to our Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler, alleviation for people suffering from asthmatic and pollen allergy is guaranteed. Early and late stages of upper respiratory diseases can be effectively alleviated with the help of the Mini-Sanatorium1 salt-inhaler.

In winter we used to blame flu for causing cold respiratory diseases, although its never sure if we are not allergic for such substances, which can be found in our environment, we just have not figured out yet, that also pollen allergy could be the reason of the winter cold and asthmatic symptoms.
Pollens can be as active in a cooler period as in summer.
Therefore upper respiratory diseases are dangerous in winter as well!

Do not forget, right after you try the original Hungarian salt-inhaler, the Mini-Sanatorium1 salt therapy device,
you will look at allergy and asthma in a different way..
The symptoms of your upper respiratory disease can be effectively alleviated, and you can use it together with any medicines,
Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler has no side effects!

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