Treating respiratory diseases

Upper respiratory diseases usually start instantly with bad general condition.
The treatment of respiratory diseases can be started right in the beginning of the illness (independently from its seriousness), or even before it.

The Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler can be effectively used for alleviating respiratory diseases.

Mini Szanatórium1 sóinhalátor

Mini-Ssanatorium1 salt inhaler

In case of prevention, early stage or more serious respiratory diseases (allergy, asthma, krupp, bronchitis) we can ensure, that the symptoms of the disease can be effectively alleviated.
It can be used along with any kind of medicines, it contains only natural materials, it has no side effects. You can use it for alleviating respiratory disease independently from age and sex, anywhere and anytime.

Many suffer from the respiratory diseases caused by allergy and asthma.
If you have also already tried more kind of methods to alleviate respiratory diseases (allergy, asthma, krupp, bronchitis, trouble sleeping) without any success, then here is the possibility to try such a medically acknowledged and awarded Hungarian pattern, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of respiratory diseases in a proven way.

The special design of the Mini-Sanatorium1 salt inhaler (salt therapy device) and the patterned salt composition provided such a device, which makes it capable of performing salt therapy.

A feltaláló: Kiss Lukács

A feltaláló: Kiss Lukács

Its advantage compared to other types of salt sniffers, is that thanks to its patterned and medically approved design and composition, it can effectively alleviate respiratory diseases.

In case you are also suffering from any kind of respiratory diseases, try the Genius-awarded invention of Kiss Kiss, and get rid of the excruciating respiratory diseases caused by allergy and asthma!


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